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Hand crafted llama gifts from Peru. They're about 3 inches tall and woven together with yarn.
Amethyst gemstone with beautiful sparkly quartz pieces. About 1 foot wide and a foot tall.
Collection of tiny, one-inch gnomes (styled by hand) holding tiny gemstones. Every gnome is slightly different and has a cute hat.
Ammonite fossil macro shot focusing very close to a larger one foot piece in diameter.

After 30+ years we've learned a few things.

Sage incense sticks, about 6 inches in length, for burning.
Beautiful silk gifts bags in different colors.
Pride pins in rainbows and flags for lots of different people.
Incense sticks and boxes in different scents: diamond, rose crystal, and blue topaz. Small figures and pottery in the foreground.

Save time & effort with the best supplies for all your creative needs!

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The Fall display made in front of the gemstone corner. It's filled with smooth gemstone pebbles, larger gemstone crystals, wooden displays with necklaces on them, and brown and orange themed gourds and leaves.