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A fluorite plate cut in a tringle shape with beautiful deeply colored striations of purple, green and blue.
Amethyst and labradorite gemstone geodes.
A closeup macro shot of a beautiful citrine gemstone that stands upright with a point. It's beautiful with the small citrine and quartz rock pieces.
A small 4x4 citrine gemstone that stands upright with small white calcite nodules speckled across the face.

After 30+ years we've learned a few things.

Smaller jade gemstone pebbles, smooth and round from British Columbia, Canada.
Smaller sunstone aura pebbles, smooth and round gemstones.
A 3x4 amethyst aura gemstone that is very sparkly because of the metals sprayed on it.
A citrine geode that stands on it's own about 4 inches high and 3 inches wide at the base. It's darker yellow at the top and fades towards the base.

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The Fall display made in front of the gemstone corner. It's filled with smooth gemstone pebbles, larger gemstone crystals, wooden displays with necklaces on them, and brown and orange themed gourds and leaves.